Status update: May 2019


Status update: May 2019

Hey y’all,

If you’ve recently updated and started to experience performance issues with the app, or got logged out and don’t see your decks. A cache-clear or re-install from the app-store should resolve the issue. See below for Android & iOS instructions:

I’m very sorry for the issues. It was caused by an upgrade of the underlying storage plugin to the latest version, which had a bug that corrupted TopDecked data on the device and caused some users to be logged out. Steps to fix are below:

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, make sure you see your decks on — If you don’t see them, make sure to share a copy of each deck to yourself via the Share button (top right of each decklist, or via the … more menu on the decks screen.) Just in case.

  • Android 9/Pi+:
    — Long press the TopDecked app icon, then press “App Info”
  • Other Android versions:
    — Open the Settings of your phone.
    — Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page. (If your phone runs Android Oreo or earlier, you’ll want to open the App Manager settings page.)
    — Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.
    — Find the TopDecked and tap its listing/row.
    — Tap “Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache
  • iOS:
    — Unfortunately you need to Delete the app entirely, then re-install it. There is not currently a way to clear app cache on iOS.

Again. My sincere apologies for the issues with the latest update. We’re upset too, and are working with the creators of the storage plugin to make sure this never happens again in the future.


PS. We’re working on a BIG exciting update that’s coming later this year. We have some huge announcements to make in the next few months, so thanks for your patience with us as we work through these issues and get awesome new features in your hands.

Lincoln Baxter III

Lincoln Baxter III

Lincoln Baxter, III is a competitive Magic: The Gathering player and deck brewer, skilled with control decks. When he is not playing, practicing, or promoting Legacy, he works as the owner of TopDecked MTG - the premier deck-building, collection management, trading, and event finder for Magic: The Gathering.